Hello everyone!

Located in the southern part of Bali’s airport, Jimbaran is famous as a sunset point and their “Ikan Bakar” shops lined at the beach’s border.

Ikan = fish, Bakar = grilled, in short, it is a Seafood BBQ. Ikan Bakar is a specialty of Bali so an optional tour can be assembled. Fresh fish, shellfish, shrimp, etc, all of those you can try in here! Captured directly from the habitat and grilled using charcoal made from coconut shell make the food here very delicious! with a beach atmosphere and the beautiful sunset, the panorama will make your dining becomes very amazing!

Let’s enjoy Indonesian Seafood BBQ with Indonesian representative beer “Bintang” too!

Ikan Bakar (Seafood BBQ) is included in all the Baliventure tours!

Let’s make the best memories with Baliventure!