Tourist Attraction

There are many sightseeing spots, such as historic temples, charming dance, spectacular beach with beautiful coral reefs and many more. Bali enchanted people and many become prisoners of its charm once visiting the island. It’s beautiful nature, world heritage sites are easily accessible too. This page introduces the main tourist spots in Bali.


It is said that there are more than 2000 major temples in Bali. The temple entrance (candi bentar) represents the sacred mountain, and by going through this gate, it is believed that the evil part of the person’s mind is purified and cleansed. As some famous temples are located just outside the resort area (such as Uluwatu), a quick visit is possible and a worthwhile experience when you come to Bali. Excessive exposure of body parts is forbidden in any temple, it is compulsory to wear proper and polite clothing upon entering the area. Not to worry, each temples usually provide a waist cloth called a sarong to cover your expose body parts.
【Recommended temples】
Uluwatu Temple … built on the cliff at the southern tip of Bali. Due to the magnificent view and its location, Uluwatu is a popular tourist destination. Kecak and fire dance performed daily in this temple while watching the sunset. It is recommended to arrive a little early as limited seats available and they may be full.
Taman Ayun Temple … traditionally built for the King of Mengwi, temple that was considered a national temple during the rule of Mengwi dynasty in Bali. Surrounded by water, this temple is listed as world heritage site. The temple seemingly floated on water.
Ulundanu Beratan Temple … Ulu means top /head and danu means lake. This temple is located on the head of Lake Beratan, and in high tide/rainy season, seems to float in the mist of the lake.
The temple can also be seen in Indonesia’s banknotes denomination of 50,000 rupiah.

Rice Field

Rice Terrace is one of Bali’s agricultural characteristic traditions. Subak is the profound name passed on for generations, adopting the method of hydroponics which is done in ancient times so harvest can be made in the hilly area.
There are very few flatlands in Bali, hence Subak irrigation system is introduce to ensure the hillside can produce crops while water is properly distributed from top to bottom..
【Famous Rice Terraces】
Tegallalang · Rice Terraces· · · Made along the Ubud banks and is famous for its beauty. There are cafés on top of the rice terraces so you can relax while contemplating on the terraces.
Jati Luwish· Rice Terraces · · · Selected as the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 2012.The area spreads on the foot of Mt. Batukaru. The name represents the true beauty, in in local Jati means truly and luwih means beautiful. Balinese express their love for this area from long time ago and likewise, visitors will find this place beautiful and serene.


Located around 1 hour drive from Kuta, Ubud is in the central of Bali. Known as the village of art, Ubud offers fascinating artisan village, paintings, sculptures and recently becoming vigorously touristy areas.
Ubud has long endured the influx of tourist and with it, western art influences and some have liced here since 1930s, forming a one of a kind art Mecca in Bali.
Ubud is the center of art in Bali and many of the local handicraft sold in Kuta is made here.
Ubud prime tourist destination apart from its royal palace and market is the Monkey Forest,with around 200 monkeys inhabit the reserve area.
In the depths of the forest is a Dalem Agung Padang Tegal temple. The sanctuary of the monkeys and a place for the local to worship.
Ubud Royal Palace and the Ubud Market located in the heart of Ubud is within walking distance from practically everywhere within the area, offers different nuances of tourism to the beachside resort in the south Bali. Overnight in Ubud is recommended to understand its true charm, which slightly differs from the beach resorts of Southern part of Bali.