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Nearly 90% of all the people in Indonesia are Muslim, but in Bali, 90% of the population believe in a unique religion called Balinese Hinduism. Balinese Hinduism is the basis for Balinese life, culture, and tradition. Although Balinese Hinduism originates from Indian Hinduism, it is influenced by indigenous religion originally in Bali and Buddhism which was introduced at the same time.

Balinese Hindu always offer daily prayers. When you visiting Bali, you will see people placing the prayers on the ground with small offerings made with coconut leaf. For daily prayers, their offerings will include flower, sweet, cookies, etc. And when they praying at the temples, their offerings will include fruits, chickens, pigs, etc.

Hinduism and Balinese life, culture, and tradition are rooted in Bali and you can witness everywhere.

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