Hello everyone!
Food is also one of the pleasures of traveling.

When you say Indonesian food “Nasi goreng”, It is a representative cuisine of Indonesia which is said to be said. Nasi is “rice”, Goreng is “soaked” in the sense of “stir-fried”. Nasi goreng is characterized by unique richness and pungent taste using garlic, pepper, spice and so on. There are things seasoned with ketchup and soy sauce based seasoned in Chinese style. Pick up fried egg, add Krupuk (fried cracker) and Achar (pickle) etc. Although it is spicy as it is, it is also recommended to eat with the local condiment “Sambal”!

Not only Nasi Goreng, some of this food must you try too!

– Mie Goreng or Indonesian fried noodles style

– Satay or Indonesian skewers style

– Ayam Lalapan or Indonesian fried chicken style

– Gado-Gado or Healthy dish with warm vegetables, boiled eggs and fried tofu mixed with peanut sauce.

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