Bahasa Indonesia is the official language in Indonesia, but English is relatively common in tourist spots and restaurants. In the world’s best island country Indonesia, which consists of over 13,000 islands and about 300 ethnic groups live, each ethnic group has their own languages, aiming to unify the nation before and after the national independence, a simple language was created that everyone could use.

Therefore, Bahasa Indonesia referred to as “the world’s easiest language”. Pronunciation and grammar are much easier, so if you can use it on a trip, the distance with Balinese people will shrink.

There is a word “Tidak apa apa” often used by Balinese people. The meaning close to English “No Problem”. For example, if you made mistake and apologize to your opponent, most Balinese people will laugh with saying “Tidak apa apa”. It is a word that seems to be a Balinese person. In a nice sense, think “Tidak apa apa” and let’s enjoy Bali.

Let’s make the best memories with Baliventure!