7 Nights 8 Days Bali – Lovina – Ubud – Gili ● All inclusive tour of 7 nights and 8 days.

【First day】

Baliventure starting day . Please gather at our designated hotel/accommodation. Information on check in and itinerary will be provided on registry. After that, we will depart to the Cliff Temple of Uluwatu, located along the cliff-top coast at the southern tip of Bali peninsula, and is considered to be one of the most magnificent sea temple in Bali. It is an important temple which was erected by Mpu Kuturan (a high priest) from Java in the 11th century and expanded by Dang Hyang Nirarta in the 16th century. Along the coast of the Peninsula, where the Uluwatu Temple is also a world famous surf points. After exploring the Uluwatu Temple, we watch Kecak Dance performanc, one of the famous dance performed by tens of people. Kecak is a musical drama accompanied by male chorus. The dance performed by men gathering in group and chanting “Cak Cak” words, in an elaborative rhtym making it a popular dance for tourists as it involves no musical instruments but these choruses. The venue where Kecak is held, perched high above the cliff and faces the Indian Ocean; one can experience the best sunset in Bali.

After the dance, we enjoy our welcome dinner at Ikan Bakar (bbq fish/seafood) with special tantalizing Balinese sauces. Ikan = fish, bakar = BBQ, in short is barbecued fish. The tray however does not contain fish only, it also has shells, prawns and scallops. Ikan bakar restaurant lined along the Jimbaran beach, This BBQ Seafood restaurants are quite a unique sight especially at night when candles are lit along the beachside; creating fantastic nuances of romance and it’s quite a famous part of an evening tour in Bali. The seafood are barbecued with dried coconut shell (not charcoal) for a more traditional after-burn taste which makes it more delicious. Eating on the beach with the ocean wave crashes in the background complete this fantastic experience. Enjoy this delicacy with friends, and the local beer “Bintang” which recently gaining more and more popularity and a must drink beverage in Bali. After dinner, we will take you back to the hotel.

【Second day】

Experience surfing in the world famous surf location, the Surf Mecca “Kuta Beach”. Surfer arrives from all over the world to catch the break with the waves generally suitable for beginner’s. Before going into the ocean, you will be given basic instruction and information about the beach through DVD. Your instructor will teach you personally how to start surfing, from laying on board to standing up. Baliventure offers a safe and enjoyable surfing lessons under professional supervision. This activity is suitable for first timer to intermediate surfer enthusiasts and Kuta Waves is quite suitable for all ages. After this activity, we will have beachside lunch at nearby beach club. You can wander around the area and check out the local market or just stray by the beach.

In the afternoon, we will visit a spectacular photogenic point “Tegenungan Waterfall”, a popular tourist attraction located in Gianyar. Tegenungan waterfall is a famous waterfall which recently gaining more popularity in Bali. The Dynamic waterfall can be seen as soon as we step out from our parking area, located high above the waterfall. With the sun glinting high above and the weaving nature wraps down the long stairs, a long dip in the local pool and the cool waterfall moist is invigorating. Do not forget to bring your swim suit as you may be tempted to dip in. After this long day, indulge yourself and experience Balinese Massage to heal fatigue. As one of the best island retreat, Bali offers fantastic spa treatments and easily available all over the island. A good massage after a long day from Surfing and climbing stairs makes this Spa a healing bliss. Dinner served is Balinese cuisine, set in authentic Balinese restaurant surroundings. Over the dinner, we offer performance of Joged Dance, a famous social dance which offer participants to participate in this dance and to experience this cultural attraction. This wrap up the long day and we return to hotel.

【Third day】

After breakfast, we gather at Lobby and depart (please complete your hotel check out). First stop is Taman Ayun Temple, a beautiful traditional temple also a world heritage site, regarded as a national temple during the rule of Mengwi Dynasty in Bali. This temple seems to float on the water and its beautiful architect testament to the past ingenuity of Bali’s architectural achievements. Next stop is Ulundanu Temple in Bedugul, built on the banks of Lake Bratan, probably one of the most beautiful temple yet very mysterious especially in the evening when surrounded by the mist and fog. The temple silhouette in the misty lake is quite dramatic, a photo object that many people look for. This temple is also imprinted in the current Indonesian banknotes of 50,000 Rupiah. After Ulundanu temple, we take you to the cold and spectacular waterfall in GitGit village. The high altitude drop and constant high water level all year round, located deep in the forestry area makes this falls both spectacular yet clouded in a serene atmosphere. Hear the bird’s sounds, insect’s squeals and the water crashes in a natural symphony. GitGit waterfall located around 2km walk from the main street, please make sure that you wear proper footing as the steps maybe a little too many for some. The journey to this waterfall though is quite rewarding. Arrive in Lovina in the evening and check in. Free program until dinner time. Dinner is served in the hotel’s restaurant.


【Fourth and Fifth day】

We start early in the morning (6AM) as the dolphins usually spotted early. The whole trip takes around 1 hour 30 minutes, using a small fisherman boat called Jukung. In high season, there are close to 30 Jukungs together chasing to spot this natural mammals which could be quite crowded. The dolphin encounter rate is said to be over 90% which means you are almost certain to see them in their natural habitat. The warming sunrise over the mountain is also not to be missed; a great way to start the day. Lovina also have lots of colourful fishes these fishes will come when throwing pieces of bread into the sea. They will flock around this bread and you can swim around them. Remember to wake up early to catch this amazing animal, bring a bit of bread and don’t forget to carry your camera (waterproof case recommended). After this morning trip, we take you to local natural hot spring in Banjar village, with the sulphur content said to be the natural healer of all skin diseases. Lunch is served at the exquisite plateau of Kintamani, overlooking the Volcano and its Caldera before moving on to the art center of Ubud. Ubud village is known as the art center of Bali; the local Gamelan musical instruments are produced nearby here and also lots of Balinese paintings and sculpture sold in Bali are made of here. This is the village where tourism first started and bloom in Bali. Many western artists lived here since the 1930s and today continues to do so, influencing the local paintings and formed a unique products called “Bali Art”. This art is what we see today, from elaborative paintings to simple illustrative paints still bore similarities of this art. Panorama wise, Monkey Forest is one of the famous tourist spot in Ubud and in the center, the natural forest inhabited by around 200 monkeys. In the heart of this forest, lies a temple called Dalem Agung Padang Tegal temple, a sanctuary for these monkeys which are also considered the guardian of this temple. Another Ubud famous attraction is the Ubud Royal Palace and the Ubud Market, which lies in the middle of this area. Ubud art and natural ambience offers different charm to compare to the beach side of the island. Ubud also has famous rice terrace called Tegallalang rice terraces. Rice Terrace is one of Bali’s most characteristic traditions; dating back to hundreds of years ago with its Subak irrigation system. It is made along the river of Ubud and the landscape created by this terraces is beautiful. There are cafes surrounding the area and you can relax while looking up the rice terraces, particularly beautiful when the rice paddies are green /golden yellowish color. Activities in Ubud include cooking classes and dinner in local restaurants.

【Sixth and Seventh day】

Next is the 3 famous Gili Islands of the coast of Lombok, which is also the highlight of this tour. Gili Trawangan is around 2 – 4 hours by speed boat from Bali. These 3 Gili islands are now the No. 1 island attraction in Indonesia (and probably the world) and also of Baliventures main attraction! In Gilis, there are no motor vehicle, instead everything is pulled by horse or with bicyle, making it quite a clean and unpolluted island. Snorkeling and Diving are 2 of the best activities on the island with the water transparency is vivid clear and the pristine coral reef remains unperturbed and preserved. Sea Turtles can be spotted (and better yet – you can swim wit it) on certain points; an unparalleled experience that you can’t have anywhere else in the world. The overwhelmingly preserved nature and the fantastic underwater life makes this visit priceless. In the evening of the 7th day, we will provide farewell dinner together. As this is our last night together with the group, please enjoy, share stories and experiences with your new friends.


【Eighth day】

Free program in the morning until check out time (11.00 am). We will take you to harbour for speed boat return transport to Bali. Lunch will be lunchbox or lunch pack. After returning to Bali, program is dismissed. You will be given a 3Day Pass (Kura-Kura Bus) and you can use this pass to travel “Unlimited” within Kura-Kura Bus route. More detail information regarding Kura-Kura Bus is available at