Island Life

Indonesia is an archipelago and a country that consists of over 17,000 islands, including the main five big islands of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua.
Approximately 238 million people live in about 9,000 islands that form the archipelago, and about 490 ethnic groups inherit their diverse ethnic cultures.
It contributes to the preservation of beautiful nature and the diversity life, including its flora and fauna.
Indonesia’s main resort island of Bali is famous worldwide with its unparalleled scenery, although other island starts too gain populariry too.
This page will introduce and shed lights to the islands included in Baliventure.



Lembongan is an island located east of Bali, and around 30 minutes boat-trip. About 5000 inhabitants lived on the island and the pristine nature still remains unspoiled.
Crystal clear water, blue sky and unspoil beaches are the main attraction on the island, together with cliff views, overlooking the majestic Indian ocean. Numerous scenic points around the island offers unparallel views of the mountain over the vivid blue water.
Most people use motorcycle as the main transportation on the island, with a mere 2 hours is enough to lap around the island. White sandy beaches are apparent and the slow calm waters attract visitors to dip in or simply sit back, relax and unwind.
Devils tears is one of the famous location in lembongan. As the seawater splashes againts the narrow rocks, it creates a whisling sound and releasing a gush of steam. The hissing sounds and the steam is the main attraction in this particular spot.
On a good day, seaturtles may greet you as well on your snorkel, so look our for one!

Nusa Penida

Located around 45 minutes boat ride from Bali, Nusa Penida is the biggest of the 3 Nusa islands of Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida. Articifially surrounded by high cliffs, Nusa Penida (the island of Penida to the local language) currenly home to some 47,000 people.
For Balinese, Nusa Penida vividly portrayed as Black Magic island, and long been avoided by the locals. It was considered as a hostile area during the kingdom of Bali (ruled by Klungkung royals) and was once, a place for prisoners and for exile. Hence the local believe the negative energy still dwellls on the island.
Nusa Penida offers fantastic underwater life and due to the open ocean (Indian ocean), spotting Manta Ray and other exotic fishes are common attraction. The cliffs offers spectacular view above the blue ocean and white sandy beaches, making it a great place to relax and actually just stare onto the horizon.
【Introduction of scenic points】
Kelingking Beach · · · The main attraction when visiting Nusa Penida; fantastic clifftop view overlooking the Indian ocean with white sandy beach down-below.
Angel · Billabong · · · A photogenic location, with flat puddle of water said to be made for angels to bath inside a scattering rocks.
Broken · Beach · · · The natural sea abrassion creates a naturally shaped hole with seawater passes through. Fantastic photo location from atop the hill. Scores of mantas can be spotted sometimes from above the cliffs.


The 3 Gili Islands, is 2-4 hours boat-ride from Bali is now gaining more interest from all over the world. Gili Islands has no motorbike and is still considered pristine, transport around the island is done by horse carriage or a bicycle.
The transparent sea around Gili is outstanding; a famous point for snorkelling and diving. You can literally swim with sea turtles or in close encounter with rich underwater wildlife and Gili islands are tropical islands that offer experiences like never before.

【Introduction of Gili 3 Islands】
Gili Trawangan island … It is the biggest island and is infamous as party island. It is the most lively of the three islands with bars, restaurants and many hotels.
Gili Air Island … an island more suitable for family.
Gili Meno Island … A romantic island, some calll it honeymoon island.