The Paradise island of Bali

Bali island (Indonesian: Pulau Bali) is an island that belongs to the Republic of Indonesia, an archipelago country in the region of Southeast Asia.
Bali is located east of Java Island; the highest populated island in Indonesia. Bali is a provincial government, regulated by a Governor and the first-ranked municipality (Provinsi).
The island population as of 2015 is around 4.22 million with with Hinduism (Balinese Hinduism) the dominant religion on the island. There are also Islam, Buddhist, Christian and Confucius believers which live harmoniously on the island.
This page introduces the history and characteristics of Bali island.


The Republic of Indonesia is an archipelago, formed with approximately 17,000 islands, and the only country in south asia with equatorial line passing through.
“Bali” is an island that belongs to “Republic of Indonesia”, as one of the province in Indonesia.
Indonesia is located between Asian and Australian continents and from ancient times, was considered a bridge that connects asia to the india by the vast ocean. Currently called “island of the Gods”, visitors from all over the world visit this resort island that offers a unique tradition and culture not found anywhere else on Earth. Baliventure provides tours that offers one of a kind “encounters” and “experiences” on the island of the Gods.


Bali has two seasons, dry season and rainy season at average annual temperature of 28 ℃. Because there is less rain in the rainy season, you can generally stay comfortably throughout the year.
If you ask questions to Bali visitors, the general answers will probabl as below:
① It has lots of beautiful beaches, ② Experience unique culture and tradition that has been kept for generations ③ Travelling costs are generally cheap, ④ security is good .

In Asia No.1 resort island, the best way of enjoying Bali is notably by relaxing by the beach, going sightseeing, enjoying marine activities and hit the spas. Furthermore, street walking and window shops at streetside store or enjoying sumptuous meals at a fashionable restaurant is also one of the attractions. Hopefully, visitors can enjoy staying in many world class resort in Bali and socially interact with tourist from all over the world.


Spas and aesthetics are absolutely on the top list in Bali. There are variety of spas including luxury spas at luxury hotels to streetside spas where you can easily walked in without prior appointment.
Here in Bali, time ticks slowly and everyday is felt like Sunday.
【Introduction of Spa】
Balinese Massage · · · Traditional treatment which is said to be inherited from traditional healing method of Java royal family. It is an all-hand massage that uses luxury oil such as virgin coconut oil.
Foot massage · · · A massage that stimulates accupoints such as foot soles and calves. Massage is done with hands or wooden sticks to ensure that each points are pressurized.
Cream bath ···
A traditional hair conditioner. Apply a cream full of nutrients such as plant extracts to the hair and massage the scalp. Afterwards, a warm towel or steam are used to permeating the ingredients sufficiently into the skin. Balinese women uses this unique treatment since a healthy black hair is desirable.