Balinese food

Indonesia is a multi-ethnic country consisting of around 300 ethnic groups such as Javanese, Sumatra, Balinese, and Ambon. It is the world’s fourth largest populated country with a population of around 250 million. The natural diversity can be reflected by the Indonesian cuisine with each culture has their own signature dishes. There are various ethnic dishes such as Sundanese, Makassar dishes, Manados and Padang dishes (probably the most famous one), Javanese and even Balinese all have their own signature. On this page we will introduce and recommend some of the local Bali cuisine.



Nasi Goreng

Speaking of Indonesian cuisine “Nasi goreng” is the most famous of all. Nasi goreng is the less expensive and considered to be the true local food.
The cooked rice, stir fried, and is characterized by unique richness and pungent taste using garlic, pepper and spices. Seasoned with ketchup and soy sauce in Chinese-style cuisine. Complimented by fried egg, Kerupuk (fried crackers) and Achar (pickle) etc as a complete dish. Although usually slightly spicy, it is also recommended to eat with the local condiment of “Sambal”.[Other famous Indonesian cuisine】
Mie goreng · · · Indonesian style fried noodles
Saté · · · Indonesian style skewers
Ayam Goreng · · Fried chicken
Gado gado … Healthy dish with warm vegetables, boiled eggs and fried tofu, topped by a peanut sauce.


Seafood BBQ

Jimbaran village is a small fishing village, located south of Ngurah Rai International Airport – Bali, lined up with BBQ seafood shops just before and after sunset. The area sprung into life in the evening with restaurants selling freshly BBQed seafood.
Ikan = fish, bakar = bake/bbq, in short it is barbecued fish/seafood. Ikan bakar restaurant lined-up in Jimbaran’s beach in the evening.
To local Balinese, this area is famous with its fresh catch and and sumptuous grilled fish. you can opt for fish, shellfish, prawns, crabs, lobster etc. and cooked them fresh infront of your eyes with coconut shell (not charcoal) to make sure they are healthy and edible.
Coconut shell charcoal makes healthier food than the usual charcoal. Eating this BBQ seafood by the beach overlooking sunset is the main attracting of Jimbaran village.
Enjoying this local BBQ is best with Indonesian representative beer of “Bintang”, while watching the sun touches the horizon and planes come and go in the far distance.



Babi Guling

The highly recommended dish among Balinese cuisine is “Babi Guling” or suckling pig! a slowly roasted pork to create a perfect balinese cuisine, top with natural ingredients to create a local dish sensation.
Originally, Bali Guling is a cuisine specifically for celebration or consumed after festivals, but now there are shops everywhere offering this food.
Babi guling served sliced, always with rice (as our staple food); the pork meat and the skin together, with condiments such as cooked intestine/internal organs and sprayed by natural spices on top. Side dishes are commonly jackfruit soup or other vegetable soup.
The pork skin of the surface is crispy due to the slow baked and the meat under is tender and juicy. This roast pig is served cold but the rice served steaming hot, and usually accompanied by local spicy sauce (sambal) which makes it tastier. A favourite food amongst the local and visitors (especially Chinese), Babi guling is a must try food in Bali.