Beach Activity

Bali is a naturally blessed tropical island, an island where you can enjoy many activities both inland and underwater.
We invite you to enjoy a number of marine sports in a warm tropical climate, under the blue sea and the dazzling sun. The South Island of Bali offers lots of beachside attractions for those seeking for beachside activities.
This page introduces the main marine activities in Bali.

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Bali is “surfing Mecca” where surfers come from all over the world. Basically, there are always waves to surf all around the island.
Baliventure offers surfing experience, one of Bali’s most popular activities.
We certainly think there are quite a lot of people with the urge to try surfing but is unsure where to begin, or may be those afraid of the open water. Or maybe you re feeling insecure and lacking in confidence since surfing is basically you against the nature.
Baliventure offers surf lessons that is both safe and fun in Bali’s famous Kuta Beach. This activity is great for beginners to intermediate surfer, as you will be instructed with the proper basic surfing method to ensure that your surfing experience in Kuta Beach are both enjoyable and adventurous.


Snorkeling is easy to enjoy when the water is clear and visibility is high. The underwater world is a mystery as marine life sprung endlessly, unpertubed with the world above the ocean.
Indonesia as an archipelago nation blessed with naturally colourful coral reefs and marine lives. As the treasure trove of tropical fishes, Indonesia’s diversity of marine life is considered to be the best in the world, a sanctum for snorkeling and diving.
Beautiful coral reefs, flocks of colourful fishes flashes around you while snorkeling, diving and the newest yet – sea-walking.[Famous Snorkeling spot】
Lembongan · · · Mangrove point
Nusa Penida · · · Crystal Bay, Manta point
Ceningan · · · Ceningan wall

Dolphin Watching

Lovina is a quiet beach resort in Singaraja, located in the northern part of Bali. Lovina is largely a coastal fisherman village. Here, group of dolphins comes in early in the morning and is reachable by a around 1 hour boatride with the traditional fisherman boat called ‘Jukung’.
Leaving early in the morning (around 6AM, the small Jukung will lead you to sight this dolphins. On a good day, there re some 30 jukungs together to see these dolphins in the wild and sighting one can quite a challenge. Nevertheless, the encounter rate is said to be around 90% which is quite good.
Lovina also has some beautiful coral reefs and the fishes will excitedly swarm around you by throwing some bread into the ocean. Make sure you have your camera ready, eyes up and possibly, bread-prepared for some fishy-encounter.