Hello everyone!
The best recommended among Balinese cuisine is “Babi Guling”! Bali cuisine No. 1!

Originally, “Babi Guling” is a cuisine that can be eaten in the ceremony or festivals, but today, there are a lot of “Babi Guling” restaurants everywhere so you can find it easily.
“Babi Guling” is a dish which made from whole round pork, from their meat, skin, internal organs and various parts are served little by little on a plate of rice.

Stuffing a lot of “bumbu” (spice) on the belly of the pig, while painting coconut oil and turning slowly and baking.
The skin of the surface is crispy and the meat covered with the crispy skin is confined in the meat juice, and it becomes a juicy steamed pig.

Balinese people also love “Babi Guling”, and its deliciousness is a representative dish of Bali which is common all over the world and can make travelers come here.

Let’s make the best memories with Baliventure!