Our motto, “Valuable Travel Experience”,
means we not only provide an essential transport service, but also various valuable experiences through our informative guide to Bali.

About Us

Message from our President Director
More and more tourists from all over the world visit the premier resort in Asia Bali every year. Due to the increment of tourists, hotel constructions and new transport infrastructure developments are continued.

What attract people so much in Bali? Needless to say, there are not only beautiful beaches but also great mountains, with various activities to enjoy in all parts of Bali. Moreover the island has its own unique
history and culture, as well as delicious local food.

Kura-Kura bus offers a safe and comfortable transport service to the local people and the tourists
worldwide. We also offer special experiences through such services like Baliventure and Super Pass.
We aim to respect all communities in Bali, and to prosper and coexist in all area.