Hello everyone!

Who wants to try snorkeling!

Snorkeling that makes it easy to enjoy Bali’s clean sea. Once dive in the ocean, colorful fishes that have never been seen are swimming, and a mysterious world spreads there. Indonesia is a treasure trove of coral reefs and tropical fish. It is said that the diversity of sea creatures is No. 1 in the world, and it is said to be the sacred place for snorkeling and diving. You can enjoy walking in the ocean, such as seeing beautiful coral reefs and passing a lot of fish past the eyes.

Snorkeling enters the sea wearing a life jacket, attaching a mask and snorkel, drifting slowly on the surface of the water, watching the various underwater sceneries you don’t usually see, observing the creatures in the water that you can enjoy it.

Even people who can not swim can float naturally if they are wearing a life jacket and can easily experience because there is no need for a license.

Snorkeling lesson is an activity included in all the tours of Baliventure.

Don’t be scared to have a memorable journey through various experiences and encounters with Baliventure.

Let’s make the best memories with Baliventure!

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